Tobitaka Seiya (Dub name:Archer Hawkings) is a character that first appeared in the 3rd season of Inazuma Eleven.


He has hair shape like hawk wing,though a lot of fans depict his hair tobe shape like moose's or deer's horns.He has
Seiya Tobitaka

First Appearance

big black eye.A habit of hisis combing his hair often.He is also quite tall.


  1. Shinkuuma
  2. Hawk Shoot
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Inazuma Eleven The movie:Attack of the strongest army Ogre.Edit

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He joins Raimon to help them fight Ogre Along with Kanon.and the others:Fubuki Hiroto,Fideo Ardena and Utsunomiya ToramaruDuring the movie,when team Ogre begins to hit Raimon teams's players with the soccer ball Later,he was able to stop Death Spear With his Shinnkuma.